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We have a showroom in Brooklyn and you should stop by!

We’re taking appointments and have new pieces every week. That’s men’s women’s and kid’s vintage, accessories and objects.

630 Flushing ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11206

6th floor

our new space is in the old Pfizer building, which made pharmaceuticals in Brooklyn for 150 years


Dated is run by Antonio and Sonya Abrego. We live in Brooklyn and deal with vintage clothing. That means we wear it, buy it, sell it, and now, post it here.

We started this to document some of the great items we find traveling and scouring for old clothes. It’s also a place to keep inspiring and curious images, comment on what’s going in the vintage marketplace, and anything else we feel like putting out to the world.

Since we’re into buying and selling,  the items marked “currently available” are things you can buy, to reach us for specifics on these pieces please write to : [email protected]gmail.com.

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Sonya Abrego

Working with vintage is a natural extension of everything else I do. I’m a PhD candidate at the Bard Graduate Center writing my dissertation about Westernwear. I also teach on the history of clothing at Pratt, but I have been thinking about and wearing old clothes for a lot longer than i have been studying them.  I’m into finding out where things come from, how they were made, and why they were made to look a certain way. I like to write and am a senior editor at Worn Fashion Journal, which i’m proud to say is the only independent fashion magazine in print dealing with clothing in a creative, analytical, but still accessible way. My personal style is all over the place, I love the 1930s and 1940s silhouette but like to mix it up. If you would like to see some of my other writing, look here:

Antonio Abrego

I’m a vintage clothing and objects merchant. I been buying, selling and wearing vintage clothes for many years, mostly from the fifties and before. I worked in the film industry, and studied labor studies at San Francisco State University which helped me to appreciate the history of the garments and the people who made them. I’ve also worked with vintage clothes in one way or another in Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York.

The beginning of my passion for vintage clothes started when I was a teenager, and I was a new immigrant in this country. My family was not able to afford to buy me a lot of new clothes.  One of the places that we could afford to buy clothes was a thrift store. I had never been to a thrift store before in my life; this was a new experience for me. One of the ways to make it more fun was by trying to emulate the style of the actors in Mexican films from the forties and fifties. I used to watch these films when I was kid in El Salvador.  I always used to think how cool people looked in the films, and I used to ask myself why people did not dress like that anymore. Now I had the chance make the best out the situation, and have fun by searching for pieces that look like the ones in the old movies and that I could make work with the new clothes my parents bought for me. This was my introduction to loving vintage clothing and objects.

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