The Madras Look


Madras, the plaid checked cotton, originally from India, has been with us for a while, as this French fashion plate from 1800 (that’s year 9 of the Revolutionary calendar) can tell you:


Its presence in the twentieth century was less evocative; think crisp summer causal shirts for men, and simple skirts, dresses or blouses for women. Nevertheless, it’s one of those textiles that lost its Eastern orientalist associations a long time ago, and has found a permanent place in the camp of “classic,” even preppy summer basics.


Of course shirts like these 1950s and 1960s examples we have for sale can be worn in lots of ways beyond the “ivy” or preppy looks that have been attached to them. That’s the thing with a classic, it’s the nearly blank slate that you can always reinvent.

We’ve also got two very cool zip front hooded windbreakers, ideal beachwear.


And one pretty sweet little A-line dress with Madras patchwork